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Sailing Milos

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An activity you should not certainly miss is a boat tour to some of the most beautiful places of the island which you cannot easily reach by car!

Kleftiko is the most famous attraction of Milos. A small bay, on the SW coast, surrounded by an impressive cluster of white islets which has been used by pirates as a hideout. On the way to Kleftiko you will have the chance to swim in some of the nicest beaches and to visit Sykia, a natural arch cave with emerald waters.

Best of Milos 2019 Feature

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Places worth seeing… experiences worth living on the island of Milos, one of the most beautiful Greek islands: swim in turquoise waters, sail the infinite coast, walk on lunar-like trails, visit picturesque villages, salute the famous Venus, unveil small secrets, try exceptional flavors, enjoy the people’s hospitality, have the party of your life! Our team of enthusiastic Melians guides you step by step through a truly original journey on Milos.

Plaka, the picturesque capital Feature

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During the 18th century serious illnesses caused the abandonment of the Old Chora (Zefyria). Its residents relocated to Kastro - the Castle - which then became the capital of Milos. The rapidly rising population soon had to face the problem of insufficient space and thus new villages started spreading around: Plaka which later on became the capital, Triovasaloi, Trypiti and Plakes.

Adamas, the port

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Adamas (Greek for diamond) is the main port of Milos, one of the biggest naturally formed gulfs across the Mediterranean.

Pollonia, a fishermen village

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Pollonia is a colorful fishermen village on the NE part of the island which attracts many visitors. It is the second port of the island and main transit point to the island of Kimolos, yet really peaceful and an excellent choice to spend your vacation.

Trypiti, the village of the windmills

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Trypiti is a traditional village over the ruins of the classical town of Klima. Many natural holes caused by the softness of the ground gave their name to the area (hollow in Grk. is "trypitos") and have been used in antiquity as burial grounds.

The route of the pirates: Kleftiko Feature

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Kleftiko, an old shelter of the pirates, is a bay surrounded by a cluster of white tiny, rocky islands that block its entrance and make it invisible by sea. Magnificent view, a cute small beach, crystal clear water, many caves to explore: certainly one of the most impressive sceneries of Milos.

Every beach a different world!

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Milos is famous for its beautiful beaches. More than 70 in total, sandy or pebbly, with turquoise or blue waters, accessible by car or only by boat, organized or quiet, they will all fascinate you! Have a quick glance here.

The route of the pirates: Sarakiniko Feature

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Sarakiniko, an old pirate's hideout, is an amazing lunar-like area, where the sun's reflection on white rocks produces dazzling effects. A favorite place for all those fascinated in cliff diving, but also for sun soaking on the smooth rocks.