Best of Milos 2018

This year's issue is dedicated to all sailors and sea-lovers!

Here you may see the full list of articles or download a PDF copy of the 2018 edition.

Articles in this issue:

20 years Μilos Mining Museum - Don't miss out on the special events!

An acquaintance with the artisanal Melian cheeses - unique tastes on your plate

The Rivari lagoon - a Natura 2000 wetland with a sandy coast, migratory birds and panormaic views

Ascent to the highest peak: hiking trail to the Prophitis Ilias in Chalakas, the island’s highest (748m) and most impressive mountain

Spice up your vacation:
- The Baths of Lakkos
- Bomb Shelter of Adamas
- The Ancient Theater
- Summer Theater Plays

Download the full issue in PDF format:

Part A: Getting to know the island | Shopping, Wedding on Milos (PDF 9.0MB)

Part B: Everything you need for an amusing stay | What, Where and Why (PDF 5.4MB)